Christmas Tree Festival

Annual Christmas Tree Festival 2020

Dear Tree Bringers, Churchgoers, Parishioners and Visitors,
It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I write to let you know, that as a
result of today’s Church Officers Meeting, the unanimous decision was made
to cancel this year’s Christmas Tree Festival by myself and the Church Officers.
A twenty page Risk Assessment was brought to the meeting, which when
coupled with the fact that the number of Covid cases on the island (though
small compared to so many other countries) is rising, made clear the decision,
that we should not go ahead. A ‘raft’ of major changes would have been
required, even if the decision had been to go ahead.
Given the fact that the number of visitors to the Christmas Tree Festival has
gone up year on year (last year 4300), it would have been irresponsible to go
ahead. The safety and welfare of visitors, of those who bring trees, of church
goers and of those acting as Guides over the week, were and are of paramount
Let us pray that by Christmas 2021 the virus will have gone and we will have
the biggest Christmas Tree Festival ever!
The Church Officers join me in saying, a very big thank you to all those
individuals and organisations who have brought trees in the past and to all
who have consistently supported this wonderful venture over the years, which
has brought joy, comfort and the real meaning of Christmas, to so many
people. Please come again next year!
Yours in Christ,
Father Michael Phillips
A small selection of comments from previous years

"A joy to see. Well done. Really fantastic." St. Helier

"Very pretty - a lovely idea." Bedworth, UK

"Emotionally beautiful." Ellesmere, UK

"Beautiful, especially in the evening." St. Brelade

"Keep doing this: we look forward to it!" St. Saviour

"Lovely trees, beautiful church." New Jersey, USA

"A very special place. Thank you and well done!" St. Helier

"Amazing and inspiring." Nottingham, UK

"Really beautiful to see on our weekend break." St. Sampson, Guernsey