Giving Towards the work of St Peter's


Giving Towards the Work of St Peter's

As a priority, the Parish Church of St Peter continues to pay its Share allocation of £1,500 per month towards it’s Share Allocation, which this year is set by the Deanery of Jersey at £38,000.

As our Church Treasurer’s mentioned in a previous Newsletter, this is half the amount of £76,000 per annum, which is the starting point in the Share Allocation process for each of the twelve Ancient Parish Churches in 2021, in the Deanery.  At the date of writing this 04 June 2021, we have so far given £9,000 towards our ‘Share’ for 2021 of £38,000.  It means that by the end of the year, we need to find the remaining £29,000.  This money needs to be raised by us as a congregation: it cannot be given by the civil Parish: this is the same in all Church of England Parishes in Jersey.

The Church Officers at our last meeting, decided, following on from last year’s successful November Gift Day, that like several other churches on the island, we will have two Gift Days each year in the future, the next being on our Sunday observance of the Feast of St Peter, Sunday 27 June 2021.  We hope that all with give generously.  If you give to the Gift Day via Internet Banking, please message it with, ‘Gift Day’ and add your name.

We are not receiving anything like the amount needed to pay our way at the moment, so things continue to be financially difficult. 

Cash flow’ is so important, not only because of our contribution to the Deanery of Jersey, but also because of the other bills which still have to be paid each month, as is the case in any organisation. I hope you will take this matter to heart and act upon it.  

Many thanks to all those who send cheques or give via internet banking, in lieu of money that would normally be put on the collection plate at services during these difficult times. Thank you also to all who give in church. It is much appreciated.

Some of you have asked to give via a or by a Standing Order or by Internet Banking, all of which we encourage.  All these are convenient, regular, quick and safe ways to give, from your own home.  

The account to send donations to is called:

‘St. Peter’s Parish Church Expenses Fund’.  Sort: 60-12-03  A/C: 66609739

Please add your name as the message, so we know who is donating what!



St Peter's is a registered charity in Jersey and, as such, can help you to take advantage of the generous tax relief provided by the Government of Jersey on donations you give towards the work of the church.


If you would like to give regularly by Deed of Covenant, St Peter's can set up a standing order for you to give the same amount each year, quarter, month or even week, straight from your bank account.

If you are a tax payer, we can then claim an extra 25% in charitable tax relief on your behalf for the work of the church.

Please contact the Church Office or talk to one of the Church Officers for more details


For any single donation over £50 the church can also claim a further 25% from the Government of Jersey in the form of Charitable Tax Relief. As long as you are a Jersey Resisdent and have paid tax in the last financial year, you can fill in a form R20 (available from the Church Office) authorising St Peter's to make the claim on your behalf and the church will do the rest!



For more information about charitable donations and all aspects of Giving, please talk to or email our treasurer, Howard Buesnel, talk to any of the Church Officers or talk to Father Michael.

For more information about how the Lump Sum Donation Scheme works, click here (this link takes you the appropriate page on the Government of Jersey website)



If you'd like to get involved in fundraising for St Peter's, suggestions and offers of help are most welcome!