Covid 19 Rules and Regulations


From Father Michael;

I need to update you on some important information as a result of last week’s monthly Rector and Church Officers Meeting:

Firstly, it was decided that though the Government have not reimposed the obligatory wearing of Masks, we decided unanimously, that for the safety of us all, everyone should, within the Church building, WEAR MASKS, beginning from Advent Sunday, because of the worsening covid situation.  This is particularly important during the Christmas Tree Festival.

Secondly, for all services, again from Advent Sunday, seating will only be available in every other row.  Individual seats however will not ticked or crossed, but every other row will be marked.  Please observe this.

Thirdly, please note that it is still obligatory to sanitize your hands when coming in, so covid and flu germs are less likely to be brought into church and infect others be touch or inhalation, but also sanitize on the way out, for your own protection, in order to kill any such germs you could have picked up from inside the church from others.

Fourthly, please chat outside at the end of the services, not inside: it is much safer. 

Lastly, without wishing to cause any offence, it is best for us not to shake hands, for the time being, between each other.  I will not be shaking hands, not because I don’t want to, but so we can reduce the chances of catching or spreading covid or flu.

For these reasons, Do please book ahead.

Booking is encouraged, please contact Father Michael by email or leave a message on his answerphone (01543) 481805. For more details on the rules, please click here

If you don't feel able to attend in person, please do watch the service on YouTube once it is uploaded on Sun or Mon.  Search St Peter’s Church Jersey on

God bless,

Father Michael