Covid 19 Rules and Regulations

COMING TO CHURCH – NEW RESTICTIONS BY THE GOVERNMENT: maximum number per service 20 people

  1. Because of government requirements we are required to take the names, telephone number and email address(or addresses if no email) of those attending any church service, for ‘tracking and tracing’ purposes.
  2. Those people in the vulnerable or severely vulnerable categories or with a pre-existing health conditions who wish to attend worship, should obtain medical advice before deciding to come to church.
  3. We are now restricted to the total number allowed to a service by the government, it now being a maximum of 20. It is vital therefore, during the current emergency, that you email or phone ahead. It would be awful to have to turn people away at the door if we go over 20.

4  From now on because the number of seats is severely restricted by the Government to a mere 20 per service, you will, I’m afraid have to book a seat in advance for each and every service that you wish to attend.  The seats will be given on a first come first served basis.  Do book ahead.

You can book either by email at or by a message on The Rectory answer phone on 481805. See Easy Booking Form on the last page of the Parish Church Newsletter.

5. It is now law in Jersey that masks must be worn at all times unless you have a medical exemption, which you may be asked to prove. Anyone who is not exempt and is not wearing a mask who refuses to put one on when asked will be asked to leave. 

6 Each Sunday in Advent (except 20 Dec) and then on Christmas Eve/Day (joined together), there are three services to choose from.  If all the seats have gone for the service you want, perhaps you could consider asking for another one for that day.  Until Christmas Day there will also be a Mass each Wednesday at 1000 which is another alternative to think about.

7 If you don’t manage to get a seat please watch the service on YouTube once it is up loaded on Sun or Mon.  Search St Peter’s Church Jersey on

Let us all hope and pray that this time next year this virus emergency will have passed.

God bless,

Father Michael