Parish Notices


TRINITY 9: 29 July 2018

 0800 Mass – Celebrant & Preacher: Father Michael

1030 Matins – Officiant & Preacher Mr Francis Corbet

1800 Evensong - Officiant & Preacher: Father Michael


If you need to contact The Rector of St Peter, Father Michael Phillips, his contact details are:

01534-481805, The Rectory, La Rue du Presbytere, St Peter.  JE3 7ZH

Father Michael’s email:

Church Website:



   29 Jul – Trinity 9                       

05 Aug - The Transfiguration                  

On duty at 0800    
Lector  Audrey Lucas  John Le Breton
Chalice X X
On duty at 1030    
 Almoner  Mary Killmister  X
 Sidesman    Janet Finnerty  Rae Phillips
 Lectors  Rose Pallot  Geoffrey Grime
 Intercession  Francis Corbet  Father Michael
 Chalice  Not Applicable  Janet Finnerty
 Flowers   Daphne Hawel X

 Coffee in Church  

  Pat and Gerald Harrison, Rozel Alexander        Helen and Ted Michel, Doreen Schofield-Fost      



PRAYER LIST FOR THE SICK: Suzette Bradshaw; Jean Clapham; Gina; Hayley Harvey; Tony Keogh; Mary; Doreen Mauger; Barbara Oven; Colin Powell; Linda Prosser; Kim Royal; Jess Williams.


THE REST OF THE WEEK plus Next Sunday ( 30 July – 05 Aug):


Tue      31        1130    Mass at Lakeside       

Wed     01        LAMMAS DAY

                        1000    Mass

Sun      05        FEAST OF THE TRANSFIGURATION (obs.)

                        0800 Mass; 1030 Sung Mass;

                        1215 Baptism; 1800 Evensong



Parish Assembly in the Parish Hall -Tuesday 07 Aug at 1900