Parish Notices


TRINITY 13: 26 Aug 2018

0800 Mass; 1030 Sung Mass; 1215 Baptism; 1800 Evensong

If you need to contact The Rector of St Peter, Father Michael Phillips, his contact details are:

01534-481805, The Rectory, La Rue du Presbytere, St Peter.  JE3 7ZH

Father Michael’s email:

Church Website:




  26 Aug – Trinity 13                       

02 Sept - Trinity 14               

On duty at 0800    
Lector  Audrey Lucas  John Le Breton
Chalice X  John Le Breton
On duty at 1030    
 Almoner  Mary Killmister  X
 Sidesman    Pat Harrison  Gerald Harrison
 Lectors  Carol Mallet  Geoffrey Grime
 Intercession  Father Michael  Father Michael
 Chalice  Rose Pallot  Robin Mallet
 Flowers   Wedding Flowers  Gwen Le Grand

 Coffee in Church  

  Sarah Amy, Alex Lane, Christine Coen              Pat and Gerald Harrison, Roselle Alexander         




Suzette Bradshaw; Jean Clapham; Gina; Hayley Harvey;Tony Keogh; Mary; Doreen Mauger; Barbara Oven; Colin Powell; Linda Prosser; Kim Royal; Jeff Williams.

PRAYER LIST for the DEPARTED: Ken Jesson.


THE REST OF THE WEEK plus Next Sunday ( 27 Aug to 02 Sept inclusive):                     

Mon     27                    BANK HOLIDAY          

Tue      28        1130    Mass at Lakeside                               

Wed     29        1000    Mass

                        1400    Messy Church at Beaumont Villa

                        1600    Reception into Church of the body of Ken Jesson RIP

                        1900    Parish Roads Committee

Thu      30        1200    Funeral of Ken Jesson RIP in Church

                        1245    Private Burial of Ken Jesson RIP in Churchyard

Fri        31        1930    Welcome Service in Philadephie Chapel for new Minister

Sat       01        1000    Icon Exhibition in Church until 1700                      

Sun      02                    TRINITY 14

                        0800 Mass; 1030 Sung Mass; 1215 Baptism;

                        1300 Icon Exhibition in Church until 1700; 1800 Evensong