Parish Notices


Easter Sunday: 01 Apr 2018

Each of the two morning services begin with the Paschal Ceremonies and the Renewal of Baptismal Vows

0800 Mass; 1030 Sung Mass; 1800 Evensong

A warm welcome to those visiting and worshipping with us, for the first time today: Do stay for coffee after either of the morning services. If you need to contact The Rector of St Peter, Father Michael Phillips, his contact details are:  01534-481805, The Rectory, La Rue du Presbytere, St Peter.  JE3 7ZH

Father Michael’s email:

On Duty at 10.30  

  01 Apr - Easter Sunday 08 Apr - Low Sunday
Almoner Mary Kilmister Christine Coen
Sidesman Gerald Harrison  Barry Queree
Lectors Jason Lane Jennifer Plunkett
Intercession Father Michael Angela La Sueur
Chalice Robin Mallet Gerald Harrison
Flowers Flower Power  Mary Killmister
Coffee in Church Helen and Ted Michael, Pat Scally Doreen Schofield-Fost








++++++++++++++++++++++++++Please Note+++++++++++++++++++++++++++

 There are no services in the Church and Parish from 02-07 April inclusive




0800 No Mass 

1030 Matins: Officiant & Preacher, Angela le Sueur

1800 No Evensong

I hope you will support Angela by attendance at Matins.  Thank you Angela for covering, whilst I am away.  Matins will be a nice change for everyone!

++++++++++++++++++++++++++Please Note+++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The usual services in the Church and Parish resume from and on 09 April 


Prayer List:

Bob Amy; Dominic Bisson; Suzette Bradshaw; Betty & David; Ed Churchill; Emma; Jean Clapham; Myra Laffoley; Matthew Gardiner; Bill Harrison; Peggy Harrison; Daniel Harvey; Madeleine Harvey; Janice; Ken Jesson; Tony Keogh; Barry Lane; Vanessa Le Main; Doreen Mauger; Pauline Marriot; Barbara Oven; Colin Powell; Linda Prosser; Kim Royal; Daniel Speck; Andrew Spencer; Charlotte Stevens; Jeff Williams.


Gordon Callan


Parish Notices:


This week was RE Week at the Village School and our Church! As well as taking Assembly there, I welcomed and lead a session about the events of Holy Week and Easter, with each Year group, as they visit the Church.  Then in Holy Week itself, having learned about it all last week, the School will come to Church for a ‘Holy Week and Easter Service’ on Wed 28 Mar at 1000. I am thrilled and excited about the whole event: hope you are too! A lot of work, but it has all been worth it!


SEDER SUPPER on MAUNDY THURSDAY 29 Mar 2018 at 1800 in Church

   This ‘first’ for St Peter’s Church also went very well, as we effectively looked back to the spiritual roots of the Christian Family by going through the Passover Festival, then a convivial meal, followed by the Eucharist, foot-washing, stripping of the Altar and The Watch.  The whole thing was deeply moving and helped us to understand more deeply The Last Supper as we sat around the candle-lit table together. My thanks to Rae for the monumental amount of work in cooking the meal and arranging everything in relation to the food: all this, as well as working fulltime!


Parish Assembly: Tues 03 Apr 2018 at 1930

Please make every effort to attend this meeting, which has an item on the agenda about the church ceilings which need major works, to remove plaster on the advice of architects, in order to let them dry out.  The Chancel and Sanctuary areas will be especially sensitive, careful and time consuming work, because of the possibility, highlighted by the States Heritage Department in their Dec 2017 report, of there being medieval wall paintings underneath the plaster.  I am unable to be at the meeting because of a long booked holiday in UK, so do all please try and be there on behalf of the Church. It is an exciting project!  Fr Michael.


AGM of the Congregation: 19 Apr 2018 at 1900

I you are one of those who are producing a report for this meeting, please could you have them with me (Fr M) by or on 12 Apr, so I can print them all off in a booklet for the meeting.

Comite de la Tresor: 22 or 23 May (TBA)

Ecclesiastical Assembly: 30 May 2018 at 1900

Parish Assembly: TBA by the Parish


100 CLUB 2018

Sign-up sheet is at the back of Church.   Tickets are £12 and can be purchase in multiples thereof – remember the more tickets you buy, the more chances you have of winning.   The draw will take place 12 times during the year and on each occasion there are three prizes, first £30, second £20, and third £10.    Please make cheques payable to St Peter’s Parish Church and hand to Mary Killmister.


ST PETERTIDE WEEKEND: 29 June - 1 July 2018

We have been contacted by Colin Le Marquand who advises that the St Peter’s Youth Club are planning to put on a fete on St. Peter’s Day weekend.   He has asked is there anyone in the congregation who wishes, on behalf of the Church, would set up and man a stall, eg selling teas and coffees – or whatever the is felt appropriate, having first consulted with Father Michael.


Children's Society Collection Boxes.

Pat Le Breton says, “Many thanks for your kind box collection on behalf of the Childrens Society.  We will be sending over £600 to the Society from St Peter’s Church.  Again, ‘Many thanks’ “


Pilgrimage-Retreat to Walsingham 19-22 Oct 2018

After the success of last year’s pilgrimage, the first ever from Anglican Churches in Jersey, St Luke’s and St Peter’s are intending to go again in Oct.  If you would like to come, please fill in an ‘Expression of Interest’ form, or give your name to Father Michael, who will be leading the Pilgrimage-Retreat with Father Nick Barry, the Vicar of St Luke’s.  Never been on a retreat or Pilgrimage?  Here’s your chance to find out more!




We all thank you for beautifying the church so wonderfully. 

Thank you one and all!